What We Do

Work of assisting the needy in the community goes beyond the children
  • We love Children

    We dedicate and commit ourselves to caring for these children by providing efficient and adequate professional services to all without discrimination of color or religion
  • The Outreach Program

  • The work of assisting the needy in the community goes beyond the children. There are other groups of people who need special attention and care. There are the elderly, children from struggling homes and the terminally ill. The Centre has an outreach program which seeks to assist these people from their homes. There are specialized programs which cater for each group individually

  • Our goal is to create a place that engages each child.

    • The elderly receive food parcels handouts periodically during the Easter and Christmas times. They also receive clothing and other basic necessities to supplement the little that they have. In cases where the need rises in urgency the Centre doors are always open and the people are assisted with what is available.
    •  The terminally ill also receive food parcels but special attention is given to their medical condition. The Centre works with other partners to provide pampers, anti-septic, gloves and other Home based care items required for the patients care.
    • The children in the outreach program receive stationery and food meals. There are also sporting and other recreational activities which they are encouraged to participate. The results have been amazing. The major problem was that some of the children were exposed to destructive behavior through negative peer pressure. We have managed to get these kids to enjoy their childhood in a normal environment which enables them achieve their dreams. You can help in the Outreach program in a lot of ways. Your input can make a difference. The differences in us make us more capable of doing more good for the needy.
  • Educational Field Trips and Presentations

    The charity Soccer tournament is a game as any game, we are appealing and sending the invitation to all our donors , sponsors and friends of the centre to support us to take this events on heart , you may not be a player of the day , but there is many you can offer to make a successful day for the children we care for not to suffer as you all know when you visit them you can see the faces of the future and brighter citizen of South Africa, but making that goals to be true it is for us to give our commitment and sacrifice this day to make sure that it was successful for their well being. Think about a sport you participate at school to make your child happy you are also playing the same role as a parents to this children as many lost their parents , by being there for them you are making a big different and happiness in their life.

  • Want to sponsor a child?