Housing, Schooling and Life Beyond

September 20, 2014

At Look Forward creativity centre, we provide our children with crucial skills that are necessary for success in life, while giving vital support all along the way. From schooling to careers and the world beyond, Look Forward Creativity Centre is truly their home, forever.

 Homes Built with Love – Our children spend their leisure time in beautiful, spacious dormitories, kept meticulously clean, warm, and inviting.

 Learning to Grow – We provide excellent schooling and training in specialised areas in order to maximize each child’s potential. Their steady academic progress is a stepping stone to their future success.

 Recreation – We provide our children with after-school and recreational activities, such as art and sports to give them a well-rounded experience.

Summer of Fun- Our summer camps provide our children with a chance to relax and rejuvenate after an intense year of studies.

 Brick by brick, filled with care.

What makes a house a home? At Look Forward Creativity Centre, our children know the answer.

Walls filled with love, ceilings coated with happiness, floors brimming with warmth. These are the things that truly turn a house into a home.

Our spacious, inviting dormitories provide our girls with a feeling of belonging, a sense of security, and wonderful opportunities for lifelong friendships with the caring outside world. The walls are bright and cheery. The windows are accented with curtains. The beds have clean, fresh linen.


We provide housing facilities from the age of infancy until the time of careers and work. Each child has a space, her clothes, and her stationery and hey toys to call her very own. In a world that has taken much away from the children, at Look Forward Creativity Centre, we strive to create a sanctuary. A home offers a person a place to live, in the physical sense. But it also provides you with a place to be -Whoever you are, you will be accepted. Whatever you do, you know you are loved. And what you can accomplish? In the eyes of your family, is boundless and unlimited.

 LOOK FORWARD CREATIVITY CENTRE instils in every child a feeling of confidence, acceptance and faith- we recognize their pain, love them as they are, give them the strength to move on, and believe in their unfailing ability to conquer the world. After all, they are our children. And this is their home.



At LOOK FORWARD CREATIVITY CENTRE, we know that a solid, well-rounded education will open up the doors of success for our children. We place a heavy emphasis on schooling and help each Child discover their own special vocation in which they can excel. We provide private tutoring and special education assistance to all children who are struggling in their studies or encounter obstacles to learning, such as difficulties with concentration.

Not Just A Home, We’re A Family.