Become a Volunteer

July 27, 2016

Become a Volunteer!

There are a variety of volunteer opportunities available at Look Forward Creativity Centre/ Blessed Virgin Mary Centre For The Needy. These opportunities include, but are not limited to:

Administrative support volunteer

The volunteers help with various office duties throughout the week. Responsibilities may include reception and switchboard duties, data-entry, or assembling mail out packages.

Board Member for the Board of Management

The Board of Directors of Look Forward Creativity Centre provides tremendous support to the Centre and the Kids through their dedication and skill set. The Board of Management is responsible for providing stewardship and oversight of management and operations of Look Forward Creativity Centre. Key responsibilities may include reviewing and approving organizational structure and controls, reviewing and approving business objectives, strategies and plans, reviewing and approving policies for major activities, and monitoring performance against business objectives, strategies and plans.

Complimentary Therapies Volunteer

Look Forward Creativity Centre strives to enhance the quality of life for the children during their stay. Volunteers with current certifications will perform complementary therapies such as pet therapy and music therapy, therapeutic touch, Reiki, etc.

Cooking/Kitchen Volunteer

The volunteers play an important role in maintaining the feeling of home for the children. Cooking/Kitchen volunteers are responsible for preparing nutritious meals for the children in the fully equipped kitchen.

Errand Runners

These volunteers perform errands on behalf of Look Forward Creativity Centre and the children. These errands may include picking up donations, groceries and deliveries.

Family Volunteer

The Family Volunteer works alongside the professional care team and provides companionship to enhance the quality of life for the child during their stay at Look Forward Creativity Centre. The family volunteers are with the children at the bedside, during activities, enjoying arts and crafts, on outings within the community, and generally are there to support the child and the Centre with whatever activities they are doing. Family volunteers must be at least 20 years of age.

Fundraising and Administrative Assistant

Fundraising volunteers work with the Manager of Fundraising, Administration & Development helping with the process of raising funds to be able to continue to provide services to the children and families we support. This may include helping with writing proposals and/or requests for support, making thank you calls for donations, and helping with the mail appeal process.

Gardening Volunteer

The Gardening Volunteers work out in the gardens during the Spring/Summer/Fall months to maintain the beauty of our outdoor landscaping. This may include weeding, planting, various light yard work duties, clearing the paths of debris or pruning.

Housekeeping Volunteer

The housekeeping volunteers perform a variety of light housekeeping duties to help maintain a clean safe Home. Duties may include disinfecting toys, wiping out kitchen cupboards, dusting, etc.

Maintenance Volunteer

The maintenance volunteer works with the Caretaker on a variety of projects to help preserve the beauty of the Home. These volunteers will assist with paint touch ups, furniture repairs, toy repairs, equipment repairs, and general upkeep of household requirements.

Peer Volunteer

The Peer Volunteer supports the Family Volunteers and the professional care team. Peer Volunteers are between the ages of 14-19 years old. The peer volunteer will be a friend to the children by playing with them, enjoying arts and crafts, playing video games, interacting and being a companion.

Professional Services Volunteer

Professional Service Volunteers provide support to the Home by donating their professional services to the children and families we service. These services include counselors; supporting families and siblings through the grieving process, teachers; providing an educational component to the children we service, and fundraising consultants; providing support to the fundraising team.

Public Relations/Public Awareness Volunteer

The volunteers help with various marketing duties. Press releases, newsletter, fairs, open houses, special events are a few of the responsibilities that the volunteer performs.

Special Events Volunteer

Volunteers participate and assist with the planning and implementation of our special events including our Dinner & Galas and Golf Tournament. This can include working with our event committees to plan the event or helping the day of the event.

Weekend Volunteers to relieve the house Mother:

  • Weekend Volunteers to cook on weekends
  • Weekend Volunteers for washing and ironing
  • Sewing Volunteers for the sewing of kids clothes. We have 2 sewing machines for this purpose.

How to Apply

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at Look Forward Creativity Centre, please visit the centre and fill in our APPLICATION FORM and return it by email or fax it to 086 546 5932. Once the application has been received, candidates will be contacted by telephone to discuss the volunteer program in detail. At that point, we may make an appointment for an interview.

Become a volunteer and help make a difference!


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